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Crysis 2

In Crysis 2, New York City has been ravaged by a series of climatic disasters and a plague that has struck down on the city’s population with brutal epidemic speed. The aliens have returned, stalking the streets and leaving the city in chaos, its skyline in flames. Set in a world of futuristic warfare where soldiers are not solely reliant on firing rifles and hurling grenades, players are empowered to use New York City as a virtual playground and become the ultimate weapon. Featuring a story penned by award-winning science fiction author Richard Morgan (Altered Carbon), the single player campaign in Crysis 2 has a deep and affecting narrative.

Crysis 2 also includes a fast-paced multiplayer campaign, developed by Crytek UK, Crytek’s specialist multiplayer studio. Crysis 2 multiplayer features six gameplay modes and 12 maps set across recognizable locations in New York City and is built around the unique gameplay of the Nanosuit 2. This gives gamers a fresh setting with an emphasis on vertical gameplay which allows players to strategize, attack and defend from above and below.

Crysis 2 is the first game built on Crytek’s new state-of-the-art multiplatform game engine, CryENGINE®3. Crysis 2 is available in stunning high-definition either in 2D or stereoscopic 3D* for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system and PC for $59.99.  For more information on Crysis 2 and to watch the new launch trailer featuring Grammy nominated artist B.o.B visit You can also follow the game on Twitter at or “Like” Crysis on Facebook at


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written by Jesse Lee , July 18, 2011
这个游戏场景Panorama真的很棒!我推荐大 家好好观察这些game中的三维全景场景,其 场景气氛可以供我们在拍摄真实场景中做参 考。
written by Cipto Junaedy , September 07, 2013
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Crysis 2 multiplayer features six gameplay modes and 12 maps set across recognizable locations in New York City and is built around the unique gameplay of the Nanosuit 2.
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Genre: Action | First-Person Shooter
Platform: PC | PS3 | XBOX360
Release Date: 2011-03-22
Media View: flash
Shoots from platform: PC