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Alarm for Cobra 11 Crash Time

Alarm for Cobra 11 is a very popular German Television series, and we have "hands on" on the game!
Check out our exclusive 3D shots and a very interesting Q&A with Andreas Leicht, product manager at Synetic!
Q: Hi Andreas, could you describe your position at Synetic and your development carreer?
A: It is my job to keep in touch with the outside world. Whether it is the exchange of information with other developers, answering typical questions from gamers about already released Synetic titles, or enquiries about current projects: communication is my thing! But as we are a small team also other aspects of development affect my daily business like QA, Product Management, Producing. I have started my career as a tester for a soccer management game during my study and become the director of QA after finishing study. With some other people from this company we founded our own company, Synetic and we are still all here to do some more racing games.

Q: We know Synetic from World Racing, a great sim racing done with Mercedes license.How did you get into the idea of a movie license?

Andreas Leicht
A: That is simple: We just gota phone call by RTL, the publisher of Alarm for Cobra 11, asking us to do a racing game with this license. We did have time and after having beensuccessful with “Alarm for Cobra 11 – Nitro” we are doing it a second time with “Crash Time”.

Q: Did you haveadvices or inputs for the gameplay by the screen writers of the Cobra 11 tv series?

A: We have had a “look behind the scenes” and it was great to see how many things are equalin making TV series and making games. We talked a lot with the guys from Action Concept about stunts, camera positions, computer animated effects and story telling. And even Hermann Joha, producer of the TV format Alarm for Cobra 11, is giving his voice for some mission briefings in the game. A big thanks from here J.

Q: You have built a quite big sim racing community with World Racing and World Racing 2. The modding scene was even interesting. Do you think those people will move to Cobra 11 Crash Time? Will be CT moddable?

A: The community and the ability to mod a game is very important for us. For people moving to Crash Time we can say that it is moddable in the same way and with the same tools they use for World Racing series or Cobra 11 – Nitro.

Q: How many people are employed at Synetic?

A: We are 10 people working here plus external teams for some outsource productions.

Q: About the engine, is it an evolution of the old one, or is it done from scratch?

A: It is an evolution of the engine we used for World Racing series, but we improved or redesigned many parts of the engine, like we have to do it for all of our productions.

Q: We think, that you have spent many time on creating the damage model of the game. Is this right?Could you describe us how it works?

A: Uhm, I will try to make it simple. The damage model works on a vertex basis. On the basis of physical impulses during a collision vertex basis is deformed.In addition, the animated model, clattering and sloping pieces, is triggered if the deformation exceeds a specified limit. This means that the cars are not only deforming but even parts can break and fall off. Last but not least we use a special texture to show scratches on the car where it was hit.

Q: The 3D landscape engine handles a huge polycount scene. Could you tell us how many polygons the landscape scenarios have, and how this part of the engine works?

A: Polycount is around 1.200.000 triangles per scene. To be honest I have no idea how the engine works. I just asked our 3D-programmers, but they kicked me out after the 3rd try to explain it with the sentence: “The triangles are there and then they will be drawn”.

Q: Are you using middleware to control physics?

A: No, the complete physic system is self-developed and enhanced with the 3D-engine.

Q: We were impressed about the A.I. inside the game. Are you using third parties solutions for A.I.?

A: The A.I. was nearly completely redesigned and we added a “Pathfinding”, which means that the A.I. is not track based and not limited to the streets. During an observation or police chase, the A.I. will find different ways to escape and if you have to repeat a mission, be sure that the A.I. will not choose the same way.

Q: The cities inside the game are real cities like Monaco. How many references did you took to get the textures of a city like Monaco?Did you had a collaboration with the authorities of the city? Did you need authorisations to reproduce it?

A: The cities in the game do refer to real architecture like industrial buildings, inner city districts, train stations and so on but we did not actually reproduce a complete real city.Several thousands of photos, texture DVD’s, research in books and videos was needed to get a real look of the cities and we are still collecting relevant data for our future productions. There is no need for any authorization on the textures we use, as if we are reworking the pictures and modify critical aspects like removing people in windows at a house front or advertisings.
Q: Which was the most difficult task in the development of Cobra 11 Crash Time?

A: No question, it was the new pathfinding system. After a quick success at the beginning of the development phase we underestimated the rest of this process totally. But at the end and with a lot of overhours it rocks J.

Q: Could you tell us the development time of Cobra 11 CT?

A: Too long. We worked over 8 month on it.
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Developer site:
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Comments (55)add
written by footty , October 19, 2007
really cool! I dunno if it will be better than flatout...
written by bettymoor , October 19, 2007
LOOOL! Awesome, nice picts!! Sys req? Anyone?
written by Jimi , October 22, 2007

Kommt ne Demo fr CT?
Fantastic shopping
written by Gampo , October 25, 2007
Recently, I bought my favorite video games from Staples store at and saved $15 with a good free gift...........!!
written by GTR , November 14, 2007
where to buy
written by DocHoliday69 , November 16, 2007
Man I can't find out where to buy this anywhere. I'm in the US but will purchase it outside if I can find it. You can find it free all over the net but I don't want a torrent version, I want to pay for it! Any ideas?

written by guru07 , November 26, 2007
Hyia Dan,
did you try the german Amazon?

written by koreng , November 29, 2007
whats is system requirment of this game.. i cant find it smilies/cheesy.gif
written by milos , November 29, 2007
System requirements:

* Pentium IV 2,4 GHz
* 512 MB RAM
* graphic card 256 MB
* HDD 4,2 GB
* Windows XP / Vista

good game
written by gursel , December 19, 2007
smilies/shocked.gif good game
written by gursel , December 19, 2007
written by gursel , December 19, 2007
written by gursel , December 19, 2007
written by gursel , December 19, 2007
the trailer is good smilies/cheesy.gif
written by gursel , December 19, 2007
i download this game smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/grin.gif
written by Donnie , December 29, 2007
Can't say enough good things about this game. I played it on a friends pc and I want him to reinstall in German to get more authentic immersion into the storyline, although I know no German! Great arcade physics, blur actually enhances gameplay. It runs maxed out at a higher framerate than comparable games on a 7900GT. The level runs are great fun and long and the Pathfinder system keeps you on your toes. This game is the closest to a real driving experience that I have ever had. It has also got me looking to buy a PC steering wheel, something I never wanted before.
written by Lydus , January 11, 2008
Great game, but I hate it for not having a save options in the missions. that's just bad!
written by kareem , January 15, 2008
hey it seems it is a very nice game but i dont know what to do in he first mission " beginers luck" may u help me
written by miha , January 16, 2008
can everybody tell me, is there any save for this game (missions 100%) on online, because i want free driving smilies/grin.gif
Split Screen
written by vlad , February 18, 2008
Would you please tell me how to run this game in a Spit Screen mode? It says "the second controller is missing"... or something like that. What should I do to play with my pal? Connect another keyboard?
written by len , March 29, 2008
hi i have problem jumping those ramps on THE CASE, UNDERCOVER,please some one help me - Online pnzkeress bloggal befektet驩s nlkll.
written by WebmasterBlog , June 03, 2008
Waiting for it.
Great Game!
written by GamerJay , June 05, 2008
Hi all i got this Game Yesterday and i really Enjoy it i use the Hood View I wish there was a cockpit view but im happy to use the hood view, anyway i just want to say thank you for a great game and i hope That we see more from the Producers in the Future! I recommend this game for any driving fan because it has everything Police Chases, Street Racers, Offroad (ramp jumping), a great arcade feel & a must have in my opinion!
written by elyus , June 15, 2008
beautiful site
written by Derek Williams , June 16, 2008
its a good game but i'm totally stuck at the beginning of the second mission where you have to get back to the lab i 6 minutes can anyone help
written by Derek Williams , June 18, 2008
I give up on this game its way to hard, how the heck are you supposed to get to the garage near the airport in 1 minute 54 seconds on a Series of Accidents. I've driven like a bat out of hell but can only get as far as the 3rd of 4 checkpoints and thats on easy I would love to see how its done.
written by Bob 24 , June 21, 2008
I love this game but i can only play the xbox 360 demo, and i have beat it a million times, cause im in the U.S., will the game ever come to the U.S.
written by Derek Williams , June 21, 2008
Hey len did you manage to do it. Its easy all you need to do is line your car up and give it plenty of accelleration you should clear the ramps easily.
written by Bob 24 , June 21, 2008
Is crash time ever going to come out for the xbox 360 in the United State's?
This game is awesome!
written by Jordanwb , September 06, 2008
My computer barely exceeds the specs posted by milos above and it plays like a dream. Graphics are smooth and clean. Occasionally I see the refresh. I did find a bug in both Nitro and Crash Time however.
Free ride...
written by Carbon , October 17, 2008
Hy all, why in Cobra 11 CT is not split screen options with free ride like World Racing 2???
Save game
written by SmoTru , December 09, 2008
i need an 100% save game i finish between mision undercover at the case and now my profile was deleted... can anybody help me or instant yahoo messenger smotruc smilies/wink.gif) tx
written by Martin , January 21, 2009
PLs SEND my Save Game 100%

Mission Undercover
written by Marco , January 23, 2009
Hi all!!
I have difficul to to pass mission undercover...
wehn i try to jump the ramps (and i did it perfectly) the number didn't growth...
please help me
written by Miki , May 23, 2009
have somebady some multiplayer pack for this game.
i over all mission and now i want play multiplayer on internet but I have no options in the game for multiplayer shooting over the Internet

written by samcek2 , June 07, 2009
im 20 age.
Bridge Across River
written by Tim Corken , November 21, 2009
Can someone please tell me how to get on top of the bridge across the river, Iam trying to get the car part on top of it. It is driving me mad and my son is constantly on my back about it.
written by Jimmy96 , July 27, 2010
ciao raga ... Ho Finito Tutte le Missioni di crash di tempo ... ma nn mi fa Giocare nell'ultimo Capitolo .. "GAME GOAL " qualkuno sa dirmi Il xk ? GRX
written by Rosario , August 23, 2012
Product Management, Producing. I have started my career as a tester for a soccer management game during my study and become the director of QA after finishing study. With some other people from this company we founded our own company, Synetic and we are still all here to do some more racing games.


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